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About Us – MusicPistol.com is operated by Fordern Enterprises, LLC. Music Pistol was created for musicians by musicians in hopes to provide a true even, and honest platform where musicians can get their music in front of some of the music industries top A&R professionals, for opportunities such as: TV, Commercials, Movies, Record Labels, Radio Play, Video Games, and other promotional opportunities!


Our Guarantee to Artists and Bands

We strive to offer musicians, bands, and artists of all genres an even platform to get their music in front of the industries top professionals for great opportunities! We are always scouting for top talent to bring to you on Music Pistol.

We make sure all of our A&R reps, Music Promoters, Music Supervisors, and any other Music Professional that is seeking music on our site, is legit and real! You don’t have to ever wonder if your padding the pocket of some fake promoter because we screen all of our industry professionals. 99.9% of the Music Industry Professionals on our site were personally invited by our team, ensuring you get top quality opportunity ads.


Our Guarantee to Music Representatives

We screen all the music that is placed on our site personally, we do not use robots or software scouting for popular chord progressions. We do our best to deliver todays top music of all genres right to your profile page, or in our database! We also offer you the ability to place an ad describing exactly what music you are seeking, and what you don’t want in a song, so musicians can submit their best songs to you.

We then give songs a rating based on quality, composition, and Popularity, which ensures quality and industry standards are being met. If a song is lacking quality aspects, we will note this in the song’s rating saving you time. We then help guid the artist in the right direction for future improvements.


The Music Pistol team!

Keep 100% of your music rights

We don’t take a cut from your profits. We make our profit instead through membership fees, and submission fees, which saves you money in the end!

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We offer both a free Starter Plan and our premium Pro Plan which both have many benefits – See what plan is right for you. Join today!

Music Pistol was made  by musicians

Music Pistol is a grassroots company made for musicians, by musicians. Our goals is to provide   a better way to get noticed by the top players in the music industry without going broke in doing so!

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Let us help take your music to the next level. If your song does not meet the industry quality standards, we can help! Let our engineers remaster your music so it will have that polished sound music industry professionals are looking for.