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FAQ's For Musicians and Artists

How do I cancel my account?

Just open a ticket using our “Help Desk” asking us to terminate your account, and we will be happy assist you with any concerns, or terminate your account with us as requested.

How do I submit a song to the Music Pistol Database?

Just click on the Database Submission link under your dashboard, and follow the prompts on the form. Note: you will need an mp3 file of your music and an “optional” picture in jpg, or png file format 100x100px.

How do I submit my music to an Opportunity ad?

You will need both an mp3 file of your song, and a SoundCloud link to your song! This is due to Music Professionals often require a SoundCloud link where they can access your music from anywhere.

Once you have placed the ad in your cart and successfully checked-out by using either PayPal, or Stripe, you will either by redirected to a page with an “Upload Your Song” link, where you can follow the prompts to complete the form and select your song to be uploaded.

Step 1: After payment, Click Button to submit you song.

Step 2: Select Order Number on top. Your Order Numbers display in descending order, the newest will always be on top.

Step 3: Select your mp3 file by clicking on the “+” symbol, then add you URL link to your “publicly displayed” song on SoundCloud.


Alternately, you can always locate recent orders under your “Dashboard”, then click on “Order History”, then “Downloads” to access a link to upload your music.

Step 1: Select “Order History” from your user Dashboard.

Step 2: Select “Downloads” to access the Song Submission page.

Then follow steps 2 – 3 above.

How long will a decision take after my song has been submitted to an ad?

Usually the average response time is a few weeks after the A&R’s posted ad expires. For ads that are ongoing, the response can be anywhere from a couple weeks until a couple months. We do not have any control over the A&R submission process, we can only encourage timely responses from A&R reps.

Is there a limit to how many submission opportunities I can submit my music to?

No, the more opportunities you submit your music to, the better your chances are of being selected for an opportunity.

My song has been placed on hold, what does that mean?

As the title describes, this means a Music Professional has placed your song on hold for either further review by another music supervisor, or another party involved in the decision making process.

This usually means the Music Professional likes your song enough to peruse it further.

What does a typical song description look like?

Enter Artist Name, Song Title and a description of your music.

Example: “Band Name” “Song name” is a mid tempo song that features male lead vocals, and female back up vocals about relationships and hard times. Song has an uplifting happy feeling to it, with acoustic guitars and drums.

Enter some Tags after your description: such as Mood, Genre, Tempo, Vocals, etc.

Example: Happy, Folk, Rock, Mid tempo

Tags can be about what the song is about to help Industry Professionals locate your music.

What happens after my song has been submitted?

After the A&R representative reviews your song submission, you will receive an email alerting you of the outcome of your submission. They will either give you a personal message, or use a template response. We encourage each A&R representative to leave a personal response, but we cannot guarantee they will, due to time constraints of reviewing songs and maintaining dead lines. You will get at a minimum response that states: 1) Your song was chosen to be used., 2) Your song has been placed on hold by the A&R rep., or 3) Your song has not been selected.

What happens if my song is selected to be used by a Music Professional?

Once a Music Professional has selected your song for an opportunity, you will receive a notification via the email address you initially signed up with Music Pistol alerting you to check your messages area on Music Pistol for further details.

Music Pistol does not partake in any part of the deal structure between you and the Music Professional, nor receive any of your royalties or rights to your music. We simply provide the platform for you to present your music to top Music Professionals.

Commonly the Music Professional will need details such as the Performance Rights Organization (PRO) the song is registered with, and a copy of a wav file at that point. Royalties are generally submitted to your Performing Rights Organization. If however you do not have one, you will need to work that out with the Music Professional in the structure of the deal.

What if I need more help?

Feel free to email us if you are not a member yet. Otherwise we ask that you utilize our Help Desk located under the “Contact Us” drop down menu for more streamlined assistance.

What is my User Name to login?

Your user name is the email address you originally signed up with.

What styles of music and genres do you accept?

We accept all styles and genres of music. Furthermore, we accept: demo quality recordings, to studio quality, songs with lyrics, underscores, film score, instrumentals, etc.

What the hell is A&R anyway?

Artists and repertoire (A&R), is the department of a music publishing company, or record label company that is responsible for talent scouting, as well as overseeing the artistic development of recording artists and songwriters.

What’s the difference between submitting a song to the Music Pistol Database and an Music Professional’s ad?

Submitting a song to the Music Pistol Database requires only a one time fee for your music to be permanently added to our database for A&R Reps to search for their music needs.

The benefit of submitting to the Music Database is that you could potentially receive unlimited opportunities, because your placement will not expire.

Submitting your music to a Music Professional’s ad, is a one-time deal at landing the displayed opportunity. Once the Music Professional finds the music that he or she needs, and the ad expires, the opportunity is over.

The benefit of submitting to a Music Professionals ad is that you know exactly what type of music is needed and what the terms are. Secondly, your music is guaranteed to be viewed by the Industry Professional, and receive a response from your submitted music. We place your music right in their inbox!

Whats the difference between Exclusive license and Non-exclusive license?

Exclusive License gives Exclusive rights to someone to use your song, whereas Non-Exclusive rights allows someone to use your song in a “Movie #1” for example, and another music professional to use the same song in “Movie #2”.

Non-Exclusive opportunities allows you to use the same song in multiple opportunities, whereas Exclusive limits your song use to only one opportunity if selected. If your song is selected for an Exclusive opportunity, DO NOT resubmit it for more opportunities. You may however submit the same song to multiple opportunities until it has been selected by an industry professional.