Woke Up Down is singer songwriter Benjamin Bergenstein who is from the United States, Florida. Benjamin has played in numerous bands over the years across the U.S., with styles ranging from Modern Rock, Metal, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi Blues Rock, and Singer Songwriter. Once Benjamin relocated from Cleveland, Ohio to Florida in 2012, he began focusing his music efforts on studio production and music licensing. Sine 2015 he has released 4 albums under the name Woke Up Down, and licensed a number of songs
while using his self production name Turtle Productions, which is registered with ASCAP. Being well versed in many musical instruments, all music released under the name Woke Up Down, is written, played, and produced by Benjamin himself.


Music Pistol Interview with Woke Up Down:

Lets start with some questions to let your fans know a little bit more about you.

MP: Firstly, what is the origin of the name Woke Up Down?

Ben: I initially want a name that would reflect a melancholy feel because Woke Up Down originated back in early 2003 as a side project for song that were too slow for the current band I was in at the time. Woke Up Down seemed to fit the bill and nobody else had it that I knew of.

MP: Who is all is your band?

Ben: Well, lol it has been a solo project from the start and remains one today as well. I play all the parts, and write all the material. So In answer to your question, just me, Ben.

MP: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

Ben: That’s a really tough question for me. Because Woke Up Down started as a slow mood music, and has transitioned into a conglomeration of what ever I am feeling for the album. I have released slower song as singles, an EP that touches on Metal roots a bit, and my last album which has a Lo-Fi Garage Rock feel to it.

Ben: My major influences are in no order: The Black Keys, Muse, Pink Floyd, Ramones, Lamb of God, Hendrix, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

MP: Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations?

Ben: No record label, I just use my own production name I created with ASCAP “Turtle Productions”. I’ve been too busy perusing my Master’s degree in healthcare Administration, to focus on trying to find a label to pick me up. I spend my free time writing and recording new music for my fans who have been extremely supportive of my music.

MP: Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

Ben: Sure, many times when I get in the mood to write, I may write 1 to 5 songs in the matter of 2 hours, or 2 days. They just come to me, I sit down with the intention of writing a particular song from whatever genre I am feeling at that moment, and boom I have music.

Ben: I feel this is my biggest gift, others may be more technical or talented at their instruments, but I can write any song practically at any given moment, and be able to play all the parts and record them.

Ben: Sometimes a new guitar will encourage me to write a batch of songs, based on the vibe I’m getting from the instrument.

MP: What can you tell me about your instruments?

Ben: Well, I have many…lol You can never have too many guitars, as they each offer something a little different for each song, or album. I like to pick up new and used guitars and if I get a good vibe and the price is right, ill take her home with me. My newest addition to the family is a Gretsch full hollow body Electromatic in black and gold with the Bigsby tremolo.

MP: What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?

Ben: Well, I love making music, so as long as I can keep writing music and putting out albums for my fans, I’m happy. I’m not looking for fortune, but if it comes my way, I wouldn’t turn it down. If I could write music full-time and focus more on my music, rather than my bills, then that would truly be a blessing. But for now, I’m glad a can fit the time in to squeeze out an album per year between school and work.

MP: Thank you for taking the time and talking with us, we truly appreciate it here at Music Pistol.